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The Blue Beach House

Welcome to Sapphire Living Interiors! This is my first blog post on my page and so I thought it would be only fitting to start where it all began... With the Blue Beach House.

Of course my passion for interiors started a long, long time ago. I've always taken care of my own home which, until a few years ago, were all shoe box rentals in Sydney and I had some of the best times in some of those shoe boxes! Like many other budding interior enthusiasts, I am what my partner would call an 'enthusiastic shopper' and I have always enjoyed making over spaces for friends and family over the years.

We purchased our first home six years ago and after concluding that we didn't want to spend any more money making alterations to that property, we decided to build our 'dream home'. Which, like most Aussie dreams, involved moving back in with my mum... YAY.... (Love you mum! Haha)

I completed my Diploma of Interior Design and Certificate of Home Staging and this confirmed to me what I already knew, which is that I LOVE all things interior design and styling. I also discovered that I am good at it! I don't often give myself credit for much and like most I often doubt myself but, this I feel comes naturally to me.

The Blue Beach House did not start it's days as blue. In fact it started it's dream in grey. We had plans drawn up as a "Queenslander" inspired two-storey home. The initial plans had render to the entire bottom floor which we amended to add Scyon Stria cladding as we felt that full render was too modern and we wanted a more coastal feel. We chose Toscan Homes to build our home following a lot of research and reviews as we really wanted to design and select every aspect of our 'dream home' with a custom building company.

I mentioned before that the Blue Beach House wasn't always blue. I LOVE our blue home but I must admit we were going to go with grey originally which is so timeless and on trend right??! It wasn't until our new neighbour's house popped up and looked remarkably similar to ours. Their build was ahead of ours and it went grey on painting day! (Hi guys - you know we love your house! Second favourite in our street!)

Anyways, then I could not for the life of me decide between blue or grey, blue or grey, blue or grey??? I love the grey but we wanted to differentiate our home and eventually we committed to the blue which was a huge decision but one which we are so happy with. Not everyone likes blue but not everyone has to. We love our Blue Beach House!

Once the colour went on, we were so relieved and so happy with our decision. All the little details from the architectural design of the roof line, architraves, cladding, and colour give us that coastal vibe that we were aiming for. I must give a shout out to our painters - the Hampshire brothers - who did such an amazing job and take so much pride in their work.

Top level - Taubmans Shaded Spruce, Bottom right - Taubmans Sea Command and render Surfmist.

Roofing and garage - Colorbond Surfmist

Meanwhile, while living at my mums we completed a few projects for our house including designing and building our own letter box and painting the timber fence BY HAND (aghhhhhhh!).

We've been in our home for 6 months now and there's always going to be plenty more projects and Bunnings trips yet but there is where our Blue Beach House began.

So in the midst of all of this is where Sapphire Living Interiors was born. I've completed residential and commercial projects as well as some exciting collaborations for small businesses over the past couple of years and I look forward to sharing more of my past and future projects with you.

Amy x

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