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Tips for COASTAL LUXE styling in your home

Australian interiors are often a fresh mix of many styles from across the world. We love our trends but for those who live near the coast, we just can't go past Coastal Interiors.

Victoria St - Coastal Luxe Styling

Hamptons inspired styling is definitely on the rise and with our classic 'Queenslander', 'Victorian' and modern homes alike, they all lend well to this fresh style which is reflective of many Australian lifestyles. But, when it comes to glamming it up, we've got our 5 hot tips for achieving that Coastal Luxe look.

1. Play with pattern

Pattern is your friend. Don't be afraid to introduce pattern into your home. Pattern creates interest and warmth in a space and by incorporating some classic patterns such Ikat and Paisley, you can give a timeless feel to a modern space.

The key is to use repetition. Repeat similar patterns and colours sporadically throughout your spaces or for a more formal look, repeat your patterns symmetrically within each space.

Custom cushions by Tribe & Temple

2. Bring in the blues

What is one of the first things you picture when you think of a beach?

It would have to be beautiful blue water. So, to channel that into your home to create a coastal feel, bring in the blues.

Art by Nicky Kriss

A monochromatic scheme of varying blues, in different shades and textures will give your space that beautiful coastal vibe and provide visual cues which should remind you of the ocean.

Coastal Luxe is not about navy blue and red. We are talking deep blues, teals, sky blue, aqua and deep emeralds.

3. Reference nature

There is so much natural beauty in our environment to be inspired by and when it comes to Coastal Interiors, organic items such as coral, shell necklaces, clay beads and beaded chandeliers are a sure fire way to tick those boxes. Natural timber, jute and cane are also fantastic textural elements that will bring warmth to your space.

And, of course, don't forget some greenery to breathe life into your space. Cuttings of palm leaves, flowers from your garden, succulents, mother-in-law's tongue and bird of paradise are just a few that are great for coastal homes. If you're a bit of a black thumb, perhaps start with one live plant and go faux with the rest until you can develop that green thumb.

Seashells Penthouse

4. Keep it classy

Quite often, when you say Coastal style, people think of navy blue and red stripes, anchors, ropes and a ship's wheel. Although when styled well, this does look great, this is not Coastal and not Luxe - it's Nautical.

Incorporating discreet references to these things such a rope based lamp, can absolutely work but as a general rule, if you are wanting to achieve a more luxe look, I recommend staying away from the cliches. Unless you're wanting a nautical vibe, say no to 'Ships Ahoy' matey.

5. BLING it up

What is a bit of luxury without some BLING? Coastal Luxe is all about textures and surfaces. Bring in some bling with reflective surfaces such as glass, crystal, mirrors and rich metals such as gold accents.

Add extra layers of interest with your lighting such as a chandelier or lamp. Stone and marble surfaces add another layer of luxury to your kitchen benches, furniture or vanities. And when it comes to soft furnishings, lush velvet, silky soft bamboo or vintage linens are key.

The best part is, there are so many interpretations and ways you can achieve a Coastal look with that bit of Luxe. So, enjoy playing around in your own home to create your own look.

Happy styling!

Amy xx

Korora Beach Estate

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