Blushing Ivy hand poured Coastal soy candles - 5 scents available

Medium - 30+ hrs burn time

Large - 60+ hrs burn time

These beautiful 100% soy wax candles come in a myriad of fragrances to suit any home or style. For those that love a classic, simple aesthetic this Coastal range features an opaque white glass container with a natural timber lid. 

Lazy Sundays - Mandarin, pine needle, Japanese honeysuckle, malt, jasmine & cedarwood. This gorgeous scent will have you inhaling deeply, popping on your PJs and curling up with your favourite book or podcast.

Beach Hair Don't Care - Lime, mandarin, coconut, nuttermilk, musk, vanilla, & malt. Give the classic, all time favourite coconut lime a special Blushing Ivy twist with refreshing top notes of lime and lemon fused with irresistible vanilla and coconut, you’ll be relishing in an epic hair flip in no time

Coco Loco - Mango, pineapple, coconut cream, buttermilk, vanilla & grated coconut. Create those holiday vibes right from your own living room with this creamy, tropical delight. Evoking images of palms swaying in the breeze and delicious cocktails, this scent is creamy enough for Winter and fresh enough for Summer. An all round winner!

Namaste - Orange, mandarin, white lotus, jasmine, patchouli & vanilla. Take a deep breath and let all that stress melt away when you light this beautifully calming scent. A delicate mix of white lotus, vanilla and patchouli, this will have you limber and chilled out in no time!

Island Bliss - Fir needle, orange, frangipani, lily of the valley, rose & star jasmine. With top notes of wild frangipani and lily of the valley and gorgeous base notes of star jasmine, you will be putting on the shell lei and hula dancing in a flash!

Blushing Ivy - Coastal Soy candle range