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Get SALES ready!!

What is your biggest financial asset..?? For most people it is their home but when it comes to selling, what can you do to increase the value of your best asset?

Red Ash Rd, Sapphire Beach. Styling by Sapphire Living Interiors. Photography by Chris Meder.

For some, selling their home means their retirement fund, moving closer to their kids, paying off debts, achieving a dream, moving in with a partner, funding their own business or financial freedom to travel.

Think about it this way; If you were to sell your car, one of your other main financial assets, what would you do to prepare to sell it? You would wash it, vacuum it, clean it inside and out, polish up those marks and replace anything that was obviously in need of repair.. Right??

Let's replicate that in our own homes.

Occupied styling - Sapphire Living Interiors. Photography by Seen Australia.

Start from the exterior.


The first thing buyers are going to see when they pull up out the front of your home to inspect is the exterior. Immediately, they are observing what the property looks like, if it is well kept, if it needs repairs or updates, and if it feels right for them.

1. Make sure your lawn is well kept and mowed.

2. Tend to your gardens. Cut back those overgrown / wilted plants and weed.

3. Add a fresh coat of paint if need be.

4. Brush off those cob webs and wash down the fences.

5. Add life to the entry with furnishings or greenery.

6. Ensure you have visible street numbering - if people can't find you, they won't even see your property.

First impressions count and you want your buyers to step in the front door, not run for the hills!


With the ever growing world of social marketing, it is more important than ever to present your property at it's best to stand out from the crowd.

If your internal styling is a little lack lustre, you may need to enlist the help of a professional stager. However, if you have furnishings that appeal to a wide range of buyers, then you may be able to prepare your home yourself. Follow these tips to ensure you are on the right track.

1. Clean, clean, clean. Nothing says "I'm neglected and falling apart" more than an unkept home. Make sure you have cleaned the house top to bottom. Enlist a professional or friend to help you if need be. If potential buyers walk in and see bugs, dust, and grime then they will start thinking that the home in unkept. They will then wonder what else may have been neglected and need fixing, and they will start deducting $$$$ signs from their bid. Or worse.. look for more problems and more walk out the door.

2. De-clutter. Everything appears smaller when it is over crowded. To enhance the sense of space in your home, ensure you de-clutter all rooms and cupboards. Potential buyers are sure to open the kitchen pantry or main wardrobe to inspect the storage and if it is bursting at the seams it will give the impression that there is not enough storage. Be sure to check all bedrooms, bathrooms and linen cupboards.

3. De-personalise. Buyers need to be able to visualise themselves living in your property. They need to walk through the home, get a feel for the layout and think about how they can live in it. Go through and remove personal photos, those 100 fridge magents and pictures, and remove those kids stickers from the walls. Remember your end game - you want to sell! You don't want your property to sit on the market for years on end so you need to appeal to a broad market and allow your potential buyers to feel "at-home" in your property.

4. Modernise. Dated technology and furnishings can lead to impressions of a dated property which leads to reduce bids with costs factored to update. Where possible, and financially viable, update your property with a fresh coat of paint, some updated lighting, a new vanity or kitchen bench tops. Furnishings can also lead a buyer to believing the property is older than it may be so ensure your styling is looking fresh and maximising the space with an effective layout. It may be the case that you need to seek the help of a professional in this department to ensure your home appeals to a broad range of buyers in your target market.

5. Neutralise. Get advice from your agent about who your property will be targeted to. From there, you will have an understanding of the potential buyers who will inspect and buy your property and you can style your home accordingly. For example - if you are promoting a beach side lifestyle you will reflect this in your preparations. Take YOU out of the home and appeal to your target market.

Sapphire Pines - Styling by Sapphire Living Interios. Photography by Mitch Franzi


This is your time to shine and make buyers fall in love with your property! When they walk in the door, it should feel like a warm hug and make them want to see more.

Mackerel Cres - Styled by Sapphire Living Interiors. Photography by Lume Collective.

1. Maintain tidiness. You've cleaned and prepared your property for marketing and now people are coming through the door. You want to keep the cleanliness standard high for all new potential buyers who may walk through the door.

2. Remove pets. There's nothing like bad odours or allergies to turn people off a property. Ensure all signs of your pets are removed prior to inspection and you have cleaned up after your pets to reduce odours.

3. Evacuate. Don't hang around. You know what it's like when you're shopping and someone is lingering over your shoulder the whole time or talking to you.. ? Well, no one likes that so be sure you take yourselves and your pets out for inspection times to allow your buyers to relax and feel "at home".

4. Make it feel warm and welcoming. Open the windows to let the fresh air in (unless of course it's blowing a gale), turn on all the lights and lamps and make your home feel bright and welcoming to your potential buyers. Maximise the light.

5. Odours. Tend to any stinky odours such as pets, old footy shoes, dirty washing, wet towels or mould. There is nothing more off-putting, or sickening, than a bad stench which will send your potential buyers fleeing. Tend to those sources and evoke some naturally appealing smells such as fresh baked goods, fresh flowers, fruit or a scented candle etc. HINT : Just don't make it too obvious or overpowering as this may lead your buyers to think you are covering something up. Keep it subtle.

These are all things you can do yourself to prepare your property for sale to maximise your chances of receiving top dollar on your property and selling faster.

Sapphire Living Interiors offers a cost-effective, pre-sales recommendation service to help you get your property ready for marketing.

If you are on the Coffs Coast and need help preparing your home for sale and inspections, we offer a range of accessories and styling packages for hire or sale. These packages can also be tailored to your own needs and budget so that you can invest in some great furnishings and accessories that you can take with you in to your new home or simply hire for the course of your marketing campaign to maximise your return.

Partial styling - Sapphire Living Interiors. Photography Seen Australia

Preparation is the key to success.

Amy x

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